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Creativity & The Metaphysics of Value

In this review, we examine Alfred North Whitehead's magnus opus: Process & Reality, a revolutionary work of Metaphysics that may have important implications on the nature of Money.
Creativity & The Metaphysics of Value
"All modern philosophy hinges round the difficulty of describing the world in terms of subject and predicate, substane and quality, particular and universal. The result always does violence to that immediate expereince which we express in our actions, our hopes, our sympathies, our purposes and which we enjoy in spite of our lack of phrases for its verbale analusis. We find ourselves in a buzzing world, amid a democracy of fellow creates; wheras under some disguise or other, othrodox philosophy can only introduce us to solitary substances, each enjoying an ullsory experience: "O Bottom, thou art changed! what do I see on thee?" - PR, page 14.

Some Motivation

The motivation of the following work is to set out to question and examine the groundwork of what modern economics...

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